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Chipped Item in Store


I bought a delicate vase and asked the store employees to wrap it up for me. They sent me back and forth and told me to bring a box from outside. While I wrapped it in newspaper so in the meanwhile it shouldn’t chip, I lightly hit the side of the cart and it chipped slightly. Am I responsible to pay for it?

I’m afraid so. If you already bought it then it’s obviously not their problem. Even if you didn’t yet buy it, you are responsible for any damage that you did, even accidentally. The fact that they did not give good service doesn’t absolve you of responsibility. Next time, leave it on the counter and insist that they bring the wrapping materials.

One point though. If you haven’t yet bought it, you don’t actually have to buy it, just to pay for the damage done, i.e. the difference between the price before it was chipped and the price it’s worth now. (But with a delicate vase, that may well be practically the full cost!)

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