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Taping Class on Yom Tov

Hi. I’m a college student and this yom tov I’m missing a lot of class time that is important to make up. Can I have a goy tape record the classes with the professors consent? Is she able to do melacha for me on Rosh Hashana, Sukkos, and Simchat Torah?
Thank you for your time.


It is forbidden to ask a non-Jew to perform a melachah for you on Yom Tom. However, some poskim permit asking a non-Jew to tell another non-Jew to do the melachah. Therefore, if you feel you need the recorded classes, you should ask a non-Jewish classmate to tell another non-Jewish classmate to tape the class. You should ask the first non-Jew to ask the second non-Jew to tape the class before Yom Tov.

Sources: Biur Halachah (306) quotes from Chasam Sofer that it is permitted to tell one non-Jew to tell another before Shabbos to do a melachah on Shabbos. Although Biur Halachah defers this ruling, several authorities agree that this is permitted, and one may rely on this in case of need. See Shevet Halevi (4:29); Mishnah Lemelech (Shabbos, 6:9).

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