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Meaty Pot in Milky Sink

How do you kasher a treif pot – a fleishig pot was washed in the milchig sink?


Unless there was actually milk or milky food residue in the sink or on the scotch (or sponge) used to wash the pot, and the pot was washed with hot water, it is unlikely that the pot became treif by washing it in the milky sink, and no action needs to be taken.

If the pot did become treif, it requires hag’alah, meaning immersion in a tub of boiling (bubbling) water.

Please see a previous post on this topic for further details of using a single sink for both meaty and dairy.

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  1. can a fleishig pot be used to boil water and immerse the treif pot?

    1. Yes, you can use a fleishig pot. Just make sure that the treif pot is cleaned, and left for twenty four hours before the immersion.

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