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Yichud with Mother-in-law

My mother in law is visiting me and my wife for bein hazmanim. My wife works about 15 min away in Yerushalayim, and doesn’t come home untill 5 pm; my mother in law will be in the house all day. Is there a problem of yichud between my mother in law and I? We would probably fall under the category of libo gas bah. Thank you.


There would be a problem of yichud between yourself and your mother-in-law, and a door should be left ajar.

Sources: Some authorities maintain that a wife’s presence in town is sufficient to permit yichud with other women. However, most authorities maintain that only when the wife is actually at home does she serve as a “shomer” and permit yichud with other women. In this case, the wife is not even in town, and it would not be “normal” for her to “drop in” at home during working hours. There would therefore be a certain problem of yichud, irrespective of the additional issue of libo gas bah.

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  1. How does it help to leave the door ajar? Nobody is going to barge into the house; they are not expecting any visitors.

    1. In a way that is true, but it breaks thier feeling of being secluded, besides the poskim say that someone may see the door that way and want to check out what is happening there.

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