I have a product from a store but I have lost the receipt, and the store policy is that you can get store credit for item with no receipt. Now, I purchased the item with a discount, however if I were to return the item, they will give me full credit for the item because that is what their system will say the current price is.
Do I have to tell them how much I paid for it, or since they will be reselling the item for full price, I’m allowed to receive credit worth of the original non-sale price?


The concept of returning a bought item can be interpreted as voiding the sale, and getting one’s money back (with a clause that the “money back” is paid in store credits). In this case, you would only have the right to receive back the price you paid. Alternatively, it can be interpreted as a right to exchange the purchase for a different item, in which case you would have the right to the current price. This depends on the intention of the store in permitting buyers to exchange purchases. Because of the doubt involved, you should ask the seller if you are entitled to a credit corresponding to the current price, or only to the sale price that you paid. The seller may have to consult with her boss, but if she gives you an answer, you can rely on her answer as being representative of the store’s policy.

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