I heard that there is a discussion amongst the poskim whether indeed one should say the tefilla about the sukka shel livyasan when one leaves the sukkah on the last day of sukkos, and that there are some poskim who say you shouldn’t say it. Is this true and if so who are the poskim/achronim that say one shouldnt say, it and what are their reasons?


I have not seen poskim who say that one shouldn’t say the tefillah. However, as a child, I recall Dayan Fischer (of London, and formerly of Mir in Europe) stating that one should not mention “next year” (in the sukkah shel livyasan), because it refers to the time after one’s death.

However, although the concept of the sukkas livyasan is clearly a spiritual idea, it does not necessarily refer to a time after death, but can refer to a time when our world will be rectified and elevated to a spiritual level. Some, in any case, omit the words “next year.”

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