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Chanukah Candles at Shul and at Home

On Chanuka, if one lights the menora in shul and says all 3 berachos, should one say all three berachos again at home when lighting the candles even if no other people are in the home, or just say the berachah on the candles ?


If there are no other people at home, he should only make the first berachah. If he wishes to make all three berachos at home, he can have intent while making the berachos in shul to not be yotzei, which will allow him to say the berachos at home.

Sources: Zera Emes 1:96; Mishnah Berurah 671:45; His’orerus Teshuvah 1:103; concerning having intent not to be yotzei, see Chasam Sofer, Orach Chaim 153; Nitei Gavriel, Chanukah.

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