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Eruv in Hotel

I am going to a hotel for Shabbos. Do I need to make an eruv chatzeros? If so, how do I do it? Please mention any other halachos that I should be aware of when I go.


The question of an eruv chatzeros in a hotel depends on the eating arrangements. If all the guests eat in the same dining room, there is no need for an eruv. However, if the hotel has more than one dining room, or if some guests eat in the lobby and others in the dining room, and so on, then the distinction in places of eating would require an eruv, for the purpose of carrying from one’s private room to other areas of the hotel (or to other rooms). However, according to Chazon Ish an eruv is not required for this purpose, and it is permitted, even without an eruv, to carry from the room to other areas of the hotel.

Sources: Chazon Ish, 90:41, and 91, writes that even the sleeping quarters are considered a part of the general chatzer, and therefore there would be no prohibition in carrying from rooms to the hotel. However, Rav Elyashiv shlita maintains that sleeping quaters are distinct from the chatzer. See Yeshurun, vol. 16, pp. 579ff, for a broad discussion of the issue.

Note that if the challos intended for all guests are in a room, and guests are able to take them during bein hashemashos, the challos themselves serve as an eruv (376:1, 3); if not, a separate eruv can be made, though this would not be effective for non-Jews, and for Jews who publicly desecrate Shabbos.

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