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Milky Pot with Meaty Lid

Is my pot and/or lid treif?

I have a milchig and fleishig ot that look almost identical. One is dark blue, one is black. They are teflon coated and the lids are acrylic or something with a metal band. We made popcorn on a late sunday afternoon in the milchig pot, and put butter seasoning on it afterwards (meaning the pot was still yad soledes bo even if the popcorn wasn’t). Monday morning I boiled some macaroni in the same pot but I used the lid from the fleishig pot by accident to cover it while it was boiling. What is the status of both the milchig pot and the fleishig lid?


Providing the lid was not ben yomo (it had not been used for meaty foods in the last 24 hours), the milky pot is fine, and requires no kashering. The meaty lid, however, requires kashering (lechatchilah) by means of hag’alah.

Sources: Rema, Yoreh De’ah 94:5; Taz 6 (and 95:6); Shach 18.

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