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Chanukah Candles on Motzaei Shabbos

If one is staying at their inlaws for the shabbos of chanukah and plans on going home that night motzei shabbos, should one light at one’s in laws’ channuka party, or at home later in the night. If, I am suppose to light later that night at home, can I eat food at the party if I set an alarm to remind myself to light to tell other people to remind me?

Answer: If one stays with one’s in-laws for Shabbos, and remains there for a party on Motzaei Shabbos, one should light Channukah candles at the in-laws’ house.

Sources: Having stayed there for Shabbos, one fixes one’s abode in the place where one slept/ate for Shabbos. If one continues to stay there for a substantial time after Shabbos, including eating, this would extend one’s stay, and one would light candles there. See Teshuvos Ve’hanhagos 1:391.

Some authorities add that one should also make a shaliach (an envoy) to light in one’s home. If this is done, one must ensure to kindle the lights and recite the berachah before the envoy does.

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