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Giving Shoes to Charity

My wife was niftar one year ago, Can I donate her shoes to a shoe Gemach?


Based on Sefer Chasidim (444), some have written that shoes of somebody deceased (that he wore while he was ill) should not be passed on to others, because they present a danger. However, others interpret the Sefer Chassidim in a different light, explaining that the reference (based on Chulin 94) is to a dead animal rather whan a deceased person (Atzmos Yosef, Har Tzvi, among others), and some advise that the shoes be given to tzedakah, to avoid the prohibition of bal tashchis. As with similar ideas, the principle of “if one is not concerned, he need not be concerned” would apply, and the shoes can be given to a gemach.

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