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Bar and Bat Mitzvah

What is the process of the Bar Mitzva. Can a women and girl have one.


A bar mitzvah refers to the ‘coming of age’ of a boy, upon reaching his thirteenth birthday. The same thing happens to a girl when she reaches the age of twelve. This is called a bat mitzvah. Because this is the time when a child (boy at 13, and girl at 12) becomes obligated in the upkeep of the mitzvot of the Torah, the occasion is celebrated, the form and manner of celebration varying according to place and custom. The bar mitzvah (boy) usually involves a more public celebration than the bat mitzvah (girl), with the boy being called up to read from the Torah, as well as a gathering at which (often) the boy gives a Torah discourse. This is not practiced for a girl, but the occasion is usually marked by a celebratory meal with family and friends.

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