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Jewish Family Roots

I think that my family may have been Jewish before coming to Canada. I was reared as a Christian but keep the Holy Days as a Jew and also the diet I now keep is kosher. I have not been circumcized and am 70 years of age. It bothers me that this was not done at the time of my birth and would appreciate talking to a rabbi to see if this would be something that I need to consider.

I am attempting to find my Jewish roots and I would appreciate hearing from someone that could tell me more. Thank you very much.


It is difficult to address your case over the web, without being able to conduct a more thorough investigation. The fact that you were not circumcised at birth does not mean that you are not Jewish. The only thing that determines your Jewishness is the status of your mother, which you would have to research in order to ascertain your own status. If she was Jewish (i.e. her mother was Jewish), it follows that you are, too. The world of Judaism is infinitely rich, and Judaism is a way of life rather than only a system of beliefs, so that finding out your status is of great importantance. Try doing some research, and, in addition, look up your local Orthodox rabbi and try speaking things out with him.

Good Luck!

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