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Finding a Match

I just wanted to know if i will meet somebody good to get married with.


The Talmud teaches that with regard to matters of this world, one should pursue two parallel avenues. The first is to make the right hishtadlus, meaning taking the required worldly action that will enable the achievement of one’s goals. One who wishes to acquire wisdom must study; one who wishes to make money must engage in business; and so on. At the same time, one should pray to Him to whom all wealth belongs, and to Him to whom wisdom belongs. The Talmud concludes that only by virtue of combining the two will a person truly achieve his goals.

Therefore, if you wish to find the right person, ensure that you fulfill advice of the Sages, and adopt both routes. On the one hand, take the necessary measures that will allow you to meet somebody suitable. On the other, pray to God, who made the first match between Adam and his wife, to make your perfect match.

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