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Acropol Milky Dishes After a Year

I have a set of Arcopol dishes that have not been used for over a year. When they were used, they were for milk and now I want to use them for meat. Are there any halachic authorities that say this is okay?


There is such an opinion. However, a large majority of authorities does not rely on the opinion, unless there are additional reasons for leniency.

Acropol is a type of glass, and this is certainly another reason to be lenient, because glass does not absorb (though for Ashkenazim, this alone is not sufficient to be lenient). In the case of dishes that were used for milk, there might be an additional reason for leniency, because milky dishes are usually used for cold products; in addition, there are often used for parve use. This would be a further reason for leniency. Therefore, there is room for leniency in this case.

Sources: The opinion that states permits dishes after a year is Chacham Tzvi (no. 75). However, Panim Meiros (II:24) argues with him, and Or Chadash (Pesachim 30) brings a convincing proof to this matter from the ruling of Shulchan Aruch (102:3). Bris Avraham (8:4) relies on the ruling of Chacham Tzvi, but only when combined with other reasons for leniency. Peri Megadim (103:17) is not willing to rely on the leniency of Chacham Tzvi, even on a bedieved level. Chaim Shaal (2:38), and Rabbi Akiva Eiger (43) are also not willing to rely on the leniency, although there is something of a contradition to this in another responsa (26). However, Shevus Yaakov (2:17) writes that one may rely on the leniency. See also Be’er Sarim (Shlezinger), who writes at length on the subject.

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