Hypothetically, if a minyan of men were not able to daven Mincha because of a danger and made up the tashlumim after Maariv, would they say Kaddish Tiskabal after the tashlumim? This is assuming that they daven Maariv, Kaddish Tiskabal, and then daven tashlumim.


There would not appear to be a reason not to say kaddish tiskabal after the tashlumin. The tashlumin prayer is a full shemoneh esrei prayer, and, like all shemoneh esrei prayers, it warrants a kaddish tiskabal after it, only that we are unused to saying tashlumin with a minyan. If the case should even occur, the tashlumin is certainly considered a separate prayer from the maariv prayer, and it would receive the kaddish tiskabal after it.

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