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One oven for meat and milk

Can one use a toaster oven for for meat and milk dishes.


Just like any other over, there are several halachic pitfalls that can come up when using the same over for meaty and milky, and it is preferable to have two ovens, if possible.

However, if one only has one over, then one can use the oven for both if the oven is being used for dry items alone (as is the way of toaster ovens), provided one does not use the same tray (on which the food is placed) for milky and meaty. One should also ensure that the over stays clean.

For liquidy items (sauce, or a liquidy cake batter) one would have to ensure that the food is well covered, so that no vapor rises to become absorbed in the walls of the oven. If vapor does get absorbed [milky], one would have to clean the oven, wait 24 hours, and then switch on the oven at a high temperature, before using it [meaty].

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  1. Rabbi,
    You do realize that by a toaster oven it is almost impossible to keep it clean, and the crumbs and gook of generally milky type items (such as even plain toast with butter)are going to always remain on the bottom. So while in theory you may be correct, practically it is an almost impossibility to maintain it as such.

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