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Lemon Cut With Meaty Knife

What is the halachah concerning a parve salad in a milky bowl, which is to be eaten in a milky meal, where lemon juice squeezed onto the salad came from a lemon cut with a meaty knife?


For Ashkenazim: The salad can be eaten before or after the milky dishes, but should preferably not be eaten together with a milky dish. Sephardim may eat the salad together with the milky dish itself.

Sources: See Shulchan Aruch 96:1, where Shulchan Aruch and Rema cite different opinions concerning to what degree a clean knife would make a davar charif meaty or milky. According to Rema, the entire item would become meaty, on a lechatchilah level. Therefore, the entire lemon is seen as being meaty, and the lemon juice may not be eaten together with milk. However, the status of a lemon as a davar charif is not clear, and many maintain that it is not considered charif. See Chochmas Adam 49; Daas Torah 89; Davar Charif (biurim). Nonetheless, on account of the opinions that see a lemon as a davar charif, Ashkenazim should preferably not eat the salad together with a milky dish.

The bowl remains milky.

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