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Hot milky soup in meaty pot and corelle bowls

I warmed up a milchig soup in a fleishig pot-farberware cookware-metal. the soup was poured lukewarm into fleishig correlle bowls. One bowl was filled with hot soup. What should i do with the pot and the bowls? Also, not sure which bowls out of the whole set were used for this soup.


If the soup was actually milky (contained a significant amount of milky ingredients), and it was heated up to the degree of heat of yad soledes bo (110 Farenheit, or 43 Celsius), the pot and the bowls (provided the temperature of the soup reached the above degree) will require kashering. This is achieved by immersing them into an urn of boiling (bubbling)water.

Sources: Because the bowls are corelle, their status for purposes of kashering is unclear, though some are lenient in cases of significant financial loss. In the particular case, the bowl has been lost among other bowls, meaning that there is a safek concerning each of the bowls. The status of corelle would present a second safek, and the temperature of the soup might present a third safek (see Iggros Moshe, Orach Chaim 4:74, no. 103). Therefore, there is room to be lenient in kashering the bowls by immersing them in boiling water.

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