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Shiur for Hafrashat Challah

Can we make a bracha on hafroshas challah on 2.5 pounds of flour, or do we need 5 pounds? if yes, why do we not need a double shiur k’zayis for borei nefashos etc.


The amount of flourrequired for separating challah with a berachah is 3 pounds according to some, and 5 pounds according to others. According to Mishnah Berurah, one may recite the berachah even on the smaller volume. The same principle applies for borei nefashos, where according to Mishnah Berurah one may rely on the smaller shiur.

Sources: see Biur Halachah 271:13; Mishnah Berurah 481:1; the principle is that for rabbinic mizvos, Mishnah Berurah relies on the smaller shiur, meaning using measurements based on present-day eggs (and not the double-measurements of Tzlach). Mishnah Berurah implies that for the four cups of Pesach, one can use the smaller measure, including the fourth cup, over when an after-berachah is made. The same is implied by Mishnah Berurah’s ruling concerning kos shel berachah, over which an after-berachah is also made.

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