What is the meanig of my dream: Driving a car into a vineyard?  Is it a warning or a good sign?


The Gemara writes that seeing grapes in a dream is a good sign (for green grapes, only in their season). The Talmud also notes that one who sees grapes in a dream should awaken and say the verse “as graped in the wilderness” (ka’anavim bamidbar). One can only conjecture as to the meaning of driving a car into a vineyard, but it does not appear to be a bad sign. It is intereting to note that after grapes, the next line in the Gemara speaks about seeing a horses in a dream (white: always good; red: good at rest), which might have some implication for cars.

In general, the Gemara writes that (according to one outlook) one should not read too much into dreams, though another outlook sees in a partial prophecy.

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