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Leasing Out a Fleet of Taxis (Shabbos)

How do you deal with keeping Shabbat when leasing out a fleet of taxis (cars), or several houses, contracted or leased for yearly periods?


Provided no payment is made for Shabbat alone, but rather payments are made as lump sums for the year (or month, etc.), there is no problem of leasing out the cars or houses.

Unlike a person’s animals, there is no obligation that a person’s property should ‘keep Shabbat’.

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  1. Good.If the cars (taxis) were contracted out but payment was made on a daily basis for daily use
    (except for Sabbath). I suppose that this would be alright as long as nothing is collected on or for Sabbath and the driver would be allowed to keep the car for the whole duration of the annual contract period. Is this OK?

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