If my understanding is correct, Judaism believes that the curse which was brought upon mankind by Adam and Eve’s actions/decision will someday be reversed and mankind will no longer be under this curse. Assuming this is correct, my question is, what must happen for the curse to be reversed. What is actually required for that to happen, and will true Judaism be any different after the curse is broken, than it is currently?


It is true that Jewish sources agree that at some stage, the effect of the curse will be reversed. The curse of sin is not the Divine will, and someday, we will reach the time that “death will be wiped away forever” (Yeshayahu 25:8). However, the way in which this will be achieved, and the timing thereof, is entirely beyond us, and is only discussed in very general terms by the kabbalistic tradition. According to the ruling of Rambam, even the onset of the Messianic Era will not bring a change to the natural order of the world, and the return to the pre-sin era, according to this, represents a later stage in the unfolding of the Divine plan.

Sources: See especially Avodas Hakodesh 2:38; the sources for this matter are primarily kabbalistic words, such as Arizal (see Shaar Maamarei Rashbi, Kedoshim), Shelah (in several places), and so on.

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