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Yichud with Non-Jewish Father

1. Does a baalas teshuva, whose biological father is a goy, have an issur yichud with her father?

2. If not, then if she is with him, is she a valid shomer for him with one other Jewish woman?


1) No.

2) One may be lenient where necessary.

Sources: There is no yichud concerning a biological father, even if he is not Jewish. Concerning the question of acting as a shomer, Shulchan Aruch rules that a non-Jew’s wife is not considered a shomer, but this would appear to be a special halachah in his non-Jewish wife. Concerning a Jewish (Orthodox) daughter, she would be considered a shomer. However, there is a machlokes (even for Jews) over whether a daughter is considered a shomer or not. There is room to follow the lenient opinions, where necessary.

Concerning a shomer for a non-Jew, see Chavas Yair 66; Chazon Ish, Even Ha’ezer 35:1; Devar Halachah 7:14 (see also Shulchan Aruch 153:4); concerning the question of a daughter as a shomer, see Yosef Ometz 26; Pischei Teshuvah in the name of Zechor Le’Avraham; Mibeis Levi, vol. 4, p. 48 (permitting).

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  1. I’m trying to figure out my Hebrew Name. My father was goy as was his father. My mother was frum as was her mother. I was told since my dad is goy I am Ben Avraham; but my congregation disagrees. Please help me out.

    1. If your mother is Jewish then you are a bona fide Jew, irrespective of your father.
      Good luck and best wishes.

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