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Date of Kesubah for Adar Sheini

How should one write the day for Rosh Chodesh Adar Sheni this year in a ketubah. It’s “bsheni bshabat,” and then what?


Write: b’sheini b’shabbat, yom rishon (or א) lechodesh adar sheini, shenas chameishes alafim usheva me’os veshivim ve’echad.

For gittin, ketubos, and other documents, Adar by itself formally refers to the second Adar. However, it is the universal custom to write Adar Rishon and Adar Sheini, and this custom must be followed.

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  1. We offer the standard Orthodox version, downloadable on our site, which you then send to the Rabbi who will be officiating the ceremony.
    You then send it back to us including all the details of the bride and groom and with the required changes. You can ask the Rabbi for any other Orthodox version which you wish to use, including the insertion of the couple’s personal details.
    We then add all these details to the version you have sent, and send it back to you for confirmation by your Rabbi.
    The text will be entered smoothly with the exception of the witnesses’ signatures which will be added at the time of the Chuppah ceremony.
    Preparing the text and filling in all the information in advance, can prevent mistakes and save you unnecessary trouble during the Chuppah ceremony.
    The font used in the Ketubah is an authentic Ashuri / Sofrut font, which looks identical to Sofer Sta”m writing.

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