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Garden of Eden (Gan Eden)

What happened to the Garden of Eden? It is not visible in modern times. Please write with the proof from Bible.


There is no biblical evidence as to what happened to the Garden of Eden.

The simplest solution is that the Garden was hidden at the time of the Great Flood. After the flood, the Garden was lost, and can no longer be traced.

Another possible explanation is that relative to us, the Garden of Eden must be treated as a spiritual entity, and not part of the physical world we know. The Talmud describes Adam (before his sin) in terms that entirley transcend our world, and it is possible that the Garden of Eden will only be revealed after the original sin is mended. Indeed, the Talmud makes a number of references to the Garden of Eden as a spiritual concept, which a person only reaches in the Afterlife.

Sources: See Berachos 28b; Chagigah 15a. See Tamid 32b which narrates of how Alexander the Great reached the gates of the Garden of Eden; this anecdote, however, can be understood allegorically.

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