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Bugs in Food

I’ve read your answers regarding bugs on foods. I have a few questions. Say the bug could be visible with the eyes, but it is a similar color as the food that it is on (for example a white bug on a white onion) how should one check the food for such an insect, and how can one be sure that one has sufficiently checked ones food? How is one to know which foods require what type of checking? I know there are Rabbis who lecture and books on the topic, how is one to know what to follow? Thank you for your time.


A bug that can be seen with the naked eye, yet is camoflaged by the color of the fruit or vegetable that it is on, is forbidden to eat. Usually, the bug will be a slightly different hue to the plant (such as dark green bugs on light green lettuce), and of course, this situation requires special care and attention.

An entire set of books has been written on the practical side of checking for bugs (by Rabbi Via). It is true that there are sometimes different opinions with regard to how stringent one must be in checking, the book is recommended if only for knowing the practical aspects of bugs and infestations. In addition, there is probably material available online to help with this.

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