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Wearing Fall With Fringe Showing

i got married last year and have been wearing a full sheitel. I want to get a fall and wear part of my bangs out. I never wore a whole sheitle with the intention of never wearing a fall the way as stated above. My husband thinks its halachically incorrect. I feel better in it and happier to be covering my hair. A lot of my frum friends wear their falls this way, and I always liked it. Is there a halachic problem, and if there is why is it so acceptable for them to wear it that way?


First of all, the fact you have been careful to cover your hair since your marriage, fulfilling the halachic requirements, is of course commendable and admirable.

The obligation for a lady to cover her hair refers to all of her hair, and therefore wearing a fall and leaving the fringe out would be halachially problematic. Some permit a small amount of hair to show beyond the sheitel (the two finger-widths), but certainly not a full fringe. 

I understand that this is a sacrifice for you, but know that following the halachic principles of modesty brings much grace and blessing to your life, and if you’ve managed till now, please G-d you’ll find the strength to continue. Perhaps introduce some variation in the way you cover your hair, which might assist you in liking it more.

Best wishes and good luck for the future!

Sources: See Mishnah Berurah 75:14 and Biur Halachah; Iggros Moshe, Even Ha’ezer 58.

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