What is the halacha on eating milk and meat together in messianic times? I was reading in the gutnick chumash (shemos page 167 ) that according on Bachaye, in messianic times we will be able to eat them together, because we will be able to tangibly connect chessed and gevurah. How is this so? Does this idea imply that halacha will definitively evolve in the messianic era?


It is true that Rabbeinu Bachya (Mishpatim; Shemos 23:19) writes that in days of the Mashiach, the prohibition of mixing meat and milk will no longer apply. This does appear to imply that halachah will change in messianic times, which is not in line with Rambam’s vision of the messianic era, in which the halachah will continue to be performed unchanged.

However, there are many Midrashim that indicate a change in halachos in future times, such as the Midrash that refers to the festivals being annulled. Moreover, the Gemara in Niddah (61b) writes that mitzvos will be annulled in future times, and the Gemara in Shabbos (151b) implies that in the messianic era there will be no obligations or prohibitions. Some explain that there are two stages in the messianic era, one (which Rambam writes of) when mitzvos will not change, and another when mitzvos will be annulled. Naturally, we cannot know much about these matters. See, at length, Sefer Hade’ah, part 2, derush 4, anaf 12.

The concept of meat and milk being permitted in messianic times is discussed at length in writings of Chabad, who understand that the teaching applies to the first stage of the messianic era (when other mitzvos still apply).

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