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Yartzeit on Adar of Leap Year

Hello, My question is as follows. It is coming up on the second yartzheit of my father, z’l, who passed away on Shushan Purim. Since it is a double Adar this year when do I observe the yartzheit? Thank you.


For somebody who died on Adar of an ordinary year, Shulchan Aruch (568:7) writes that one should observe the yahrzeit on Adar II, whereas Rema brings that some say it should be observed on Adar I, and adds that some observe both.

Mishnah Berurah (568:42) writes that the final opinion is the principle halachah. Therefore, it is correct to observe the yahrzeit twice.

For somebody who died on Adar I of a leap year, the Adar I date alone should be observed.

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