Some airports have deployed body scanners which produce vivid 3- dimensional images of the person. There has been much opposition to this invasive security method.
I would like to know if there has been halachic response to the issue.


There is no direct halachic answer to the question. However, it can be said in general that although Torah law is highly sensitive to the issue of human dignity (for instance, when admonishing somebody, Torah law instructs us to be wary lest the offender will be shamed; in punishments), human dignity is pushed aside when there is a weighty issue that demands its deferral. “Kevod Shamayim,” writes Rambam, overcomes kevod ha-adam (Deos 6:8).

Therefore, although it can be seen as intrusive, and an affront to human dignity, if there is reason to believe that the scan will save lives, Torah would would probably sanction it. If, however, it is required only for convenience, or to save time, effort, or cost, human dignity will prevail. As Rabbi Akiva said (Avos 3:14): “Beloved is man, for he was created in the Image [of G-d], as it is written, ‘for in the Image of God He made man.'”

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