How can I become a Jew? What do I have to do?


The process of conversion is not an overnight matter, and requires a fair amount of preparation. Unlike some other religions, Judaism is a religion of deed, and not only of faith, and being Jewish involves a serious commitment to a broad range of laws and ordinances that cover every aspect of human behavior. Although this is very uplifting, in that our physical lives are elevated to a level of Divine service, it can be seen (from the outside) as inhibiting, and requires careful consideration.

Becoming a Jew also implies a change in one’s very essence, and it requires study, careful thought, and much motivation. The Jewish People are indeed the Choshen Nation, but being Chosen is not a simple task or status (as Jewish history will show), and it comes with heavy responsibility.

If you are prepared to follow the route to conversion, get in touch with a local orthodox rabbi, who will advise you further.

May God guide you on the path of truth.

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