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Conversion/Informing the Muslim World

Respected sir,I want to convert into Judaism and serve the Jews. What should I do? I want to tell the Muslim world that Jews are not bad as they read in the koran.


Your question divides into two parts.

1. The process of conversion is not an overnight matter, and requires a fair amount of preparation. Unlike some other religions, Judaism is a religion of deed, and not only of faith, and being Jewish involves a serious commitment to a broad range of laws and ordinances that cover every aspect of human behavior. Although this is very uplifting, in that our physical lives are elevated to a level of Divine service, it can be seen (from the outside) as inhibiting, and requires careful consideration.

Becoming a Jew also implies a change in one’s very essence, and it requires study, careful thought, and much motivation. Think it over, and if you feel that you are prepared to follow the route to conversion, get in touch with a local orthodox rabbi, who will advise you further.

2. To tell Muslims and others about the Jews, and to try to offset the negative emotions that many Muslims sadly feel towards Jews, you do not have to become Jewish. Whatever your faith, if you search you will certainly find a way to make a positive contribution to the Jewish people–and you will surely be blessed for it.

May God guide you on the path of truth.

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