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Bridal Shower in Three Weeks

May a kalah have a Bridal Shower during the 3 weeks? there is serious timing problem of having it before or after the 3 weeks.
thank you


Having a bridal shower in the three weeks would be a problem on account of receiving the gifts, over which a shehechianu blessing would be made. It is forbidden (some poskim write that it is “unworthy”) to make this blessing in the three weeks.

Perhaps it would be possible to have the bridal shower, but have all the gifts given to the bride’s parents for keeping, and only have them given to her after Tisha Be’av. Guests should be informed that the gifts are being given to the parents, who will hand them on to the bride after the three weeks.

The bridal shower, which is in any case a “happy” event, should not be held in the nine days.


See Beis Yosef 551, quoting from Maharil; Bach (551) writes that one should avoid buying new clothes and articles, for the reason of reciting shehechiyanu; see also Magen Avraham 551:21; Mishnah Berurah 551:45.

It is clear from the poskim that other than the problem of making the blessing, it would be permitted to buy new items in the three weeks, so that the actual bridal shower is permitted, provided one avoids the issue of the blessing.

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