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Maaser for a Levy

If a Levi buys produce in Israel from a vender without a hechsher, assuming there is no problem with orla, shevi’it and chadash, and assuming he sets aside a portion for truma which he doesnt eat, does he need to redeem the maaser on a pruta chamura, or since he’s a Levy he can just go ahead and eat?


Maaser Rishon it permitted for consumption to a Levi, and even to a Yisrael (a Yisrael must give its value to a Levy). The maaser can therefore be eaten after it is separated. However, before eating the maaser, terumas maaser must be separated from it, which is set aside for the Kohen, and today, discarded.

The perutah chamurah is not required for maaser rishon, but for maaser sheini, which must be redeemed on the perutah before it may be eaten. This year, however, is a year of maaser ani, and not of maaser sheini.

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