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“Chiyuv” for Sephardim

Is there such a thing as “chiyuv” for sephardim during the year of aveilus and yaertzeit, for being a shaliach zibur, as is the ashkenazic minhag? Please indicate source.


Although this custom originates in the writings of Ashkenazi poskim (Rema 376:4, quoting from Binyanim Ze’ev), some have written that it is also customary among Sephardim. It would certainly not have the same status, however, as that held among Ashkenazim.

Sources: See Vayashav Hayam (no. 19), where many Sephardic sources are quoted citing the ruling of Rema, and making an exception only for the first seven days, in which the aveil should not be the shaliach tzibbur. See also Yekara De’Chai (18:5), who writes that the Sephardic custom is that the aveil is the shaliach tzibbur even on Shabbos and Yom Tov. This is quoted in Tefillot Kehalachah, p. 349.

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