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Saying the Word G-d

Can one say the word “God” in english or is it a prohibition?


Many authorities write that the prohibition of saying one of the Names of Hashem in vain applies even to foreign languages. It is therefore prohibited to say the word by way of exclamation (“Oh my…”). However, it is permitted to say the word by way of praise and thanks.

Sources: See Chayei Adam 5:1; Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 6:3; Mishnah Berurah 85:10, who prohibit saying Divine Names in vain even in a foreign language. Many other authorities concur, and see Rivevos Efraim (5:474, quoting a teshuva from R. Dovid Rosenberg) where numerous sources are collected. See, however, Achiezer (3:32) and Rabbi Akiva Eiger (25), who are lenient. Therefore, one may not say the word in vain or in figures of speech, but it is permitted to use by way of praise and thanks.

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