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Do youn need Berachos for Mishloach Manos ?

Do youn need Berachos for Mishloach Manos ? So many people talk about it, and I have yet to find a source?


There is no obligation to give manos of two separate berachos. However, many authorities write that one must give two different types of food, and giving foods of two berachos is a good indication that the two foods are of different types. However, this is not obligatory, and one certainly fulfills the mitzvah by giving a salad and a broccoli quich.

Sources: See Eishel Avraham 695; Aruch Hashulchan 695:14, among others, who require that the manos should be of two separent types of food. Others write that his the two manos have a distint taste, this fulfills the mitzvah even when they are of the same type of food (see Rosh Yosef, Megillah 7a, based on Rambam).

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