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Sum for Matanos La’evyonim

What is the accepted amount in shekels in order to fulfill the mitzvah of matanot l’evyonim on Purim?


The accepted amount to actually fulfill the mitzvah is a perutah, which is a very small amount — far less than a shekel.

However, it is preferable to give an amount that would be considered respectable, and enough to give the evyon a measure of joy for Purim. Twenty shekels would probably fulfill this, and some have suggested giving fifty shekels.

Sources: Ritva (Megillah) mentions the sum of a perutah; Rav Elyashiv, and other recent poskim, have been quoted as suggesting a higher sum for fulfilling the mitzvah be’hiddur, and one should preferably give an amount that would cause a degree of joy on the part of the recipient.

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