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a few questions about the website:

1- which day would one need to choose if one were to be donating from america? the 14 or 15th? is it important that the receiver gives on his day of purim (via a shaliach) or that the receiver on his?

2- can one fulfill the mitva of giving to two evyonim in this way? even though it goes to one source? is it counted twice?

3- how does halacha work in that is each persons donation given separately for the mitzva to work? or as one group?


1. For someone who has Purim on 14 Adar, the donation must be given on 14 Adar. It is important that the poor person receives the donation on the matching day of Purim, for the mitzvah is to bring joy on the (same) day of Purim. For this reason, the website allows donors to choose the matching day, on which the matanos will be given.

2. One can fulfill the mitzvah of giving to two evyonim. If the donation is large enough, it is divided between two recipients. If there is a specific request, it can be submitted via the Q & A of the site.

3. The donations are given in the same way as a regular gabbai tzedakah. The money is divided between evyonim, ensuring that the amounts received will fulfill the mitzvah for all who contributed.

Sources: Concerning the question of 14 or 15 Adar, seeTeshuvos Vehanhagos (1:600; 2:352, in the name of Chazon Ish); Kenei Bosem (2:33), who write that even if we permit giving the matanos before Purim, the evyon must derive benefit on the day of Purim for the donor. See also Chayei Moshe, Purim p. 202, who cites a number of authorities on this matter.

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