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Matanos for Independent Lady

I am an 18 yr. old lady living independently from my family. I have made Aliya tO Israel while my family stayed in the U.S. Now that I am alone, what are my requirements regarding matanot la’evyonim. Usually, it used to be that my father was in charge of giving tzedaka to be poter everyone in my household. What do I do now that I am on my own? Thank you!


Because you are not living at home, and I imagine you receive some money from your parents (or from another source), you should give matanos la’evyonim on your own. This can be done in many ways–through personal poor people you might know, and through families you know that are giving matanos la’evyonim (you can give them your donation to pass on); through tzedakah organizations, and even through the ‘dinonline’ website (though for the last two, a credit card is convenient).

A joyous Purim!

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