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Moadim (A)Musings – Savin’ the Toasters from the Roasters

The Purim story begins with the Jews attending a party they had no business partying at. In what can only be described as the height of callousness, they came for the free food and spirits distributed at a party celebrating their own demise as a nation, with nary a thought given to the absurdity of toasting the fact that they were toast. Obviously, they had left their own spirits at home.

To make a long tail short, Achasveirosh told Vashti that it was her duty, to show off her beauty, but one look at her zits, made her call it quits, and with a tail to boot, the issue was moot, for she wasn’t goin’, her beauty ashowin’. The king wasn’t thrilled, to say the least, about his five-legged queen, ruining the feast. He asked his advisors, “What shall be done?”, “She should be hanged”, advised Memuchan. And so in short order, she was hanged for her sin, but alas pretty soon, hangover set in. O Achashveirosh, how he grew depressed, he missed good ole Vashti, who’d refused to impress. Yet all the king’s horses, who were the king’s men, could not put Vashti back together again. (At two-legged-things, they were pretty good, but they’d never dealt with tails, back in the ‘hood). And thus began a wondrous salvation, for the Jewish nation, even before Haman arose, and declared us public foes.

Yet isn’’t it odd that God would begin, preparing salvation in midst of the sin? At the very party, the scene of the treason, how does it make sense, what can be the reason, for God to send Vashti, off to the kill, vacating the position, for Esther to fill?

It seems that there simply, was no other way, for God to spare the nation, which had gone astray. So far had they veered, so low had they stumbled, that by any logic, they deserved to be crumbled. Only one thing could possibly, redeem the Jews, unconditional love, would have to be used.

And thus God began, by stealthily spinning, His childrens’ salvation, even as they were sinning. As only a true loving father can do, He continued to love, even as the mud flew. For each blow they dealt, to His loving face, a warm loving kiss, on their forehead He’’d place. And thus would His love, forever prevail, over children who Him, continually failed. For such love can simply, not be overcome, by any anything, under the sun.

We certainly don’’t dare, and have no reason to hate, yet sometimes we’’re less, than pleased with our fate. Yet we know good and well, that God surely has reason, to justly convict us, of crimes and of treason. So if we desire to be loved and not killed, how about loving God, even though we’re not thrilled. How about telling God that no matter what’’s done, we’’ll love Him and love Him, a gazillion and then some. Yes, even as He allows us to be killed, with nothing but love, our hearts will be filled. Yes, even as He makes our livelihood tough, will treasure the God who is making things rough. Yes even as exile drags on year after year, our precious God, we’’ll forever hold dear. And maybe just maybe, He’’ll respond back in kind, by hugging us close, with love that is blind. And even as we sin, err, and abandon, He’’ll take us back, with love that seems random. And thus will Jerusalem yet be rebuilt, with little regard for our outstanding guilt!!!

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