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Krill Oil

Is krill oil, taken as a vitamin supplement kosher?


Krill oil is not kosher, and may not be consumed. If it is made into a tasteless tablet that is swallowed rather than chewed, it may be permitted to take the tablet, depending on the medical condition involved. A healthy person should not take krill oil even in this form.

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  1. Krill is being touted for memory enhancement. There’s no doubt that my memory needs some enhancing. Would this qualify the tasteless tablet as permissible?

    1. Interesting question. The answer would probably depend on the gravity of the condition, and the likelihood of the enhancement. If the memory loss affects quality of life, and the abilities of krill oil to restore or improve memory is proven, there is room to be lenient.

  2. My grandson has ADHD and the doctors have prescribe drugs that could lead to addiction. I have research on this condition through natural medicine websites and they all suggest that ADHD patients, (he is 16yrs old) should take gingko biloba, magnesium, zinc and most importantly Omega 3 oil. The best one of the oils on the market is Krill oil. Is it permitted for him to take this? Thank you.

    1. As noted, Krill oil is not kosher, but it is permitted to use if taken in the form of a tasteless tablet.
      It is better to avoid this, if it is an important part of the ADHD treatment it can be used.
      Best wishes and good luck!

  3. Like I probably said before on this site, I think you should be more clear Rabbi to distinguish between things forbidden d’orisah and d’rabannim, and clearly a tasteless pill meant to be swallowed would only be forbidden d’rabbanim, and in which case the laws are much more complicated than your saying and depends on a person’s customs as well. Making blanket statements about assur and mutar is like your saying it as a d’orisah, which falls close to adding to the Torah, a grave sin!

  4. If it is forbidden. It is forbidden. There is a reason higher than we might understand and we should trust that reasoning. For health, there are other options. Fermented Cod Liver oil is a super food containing Vitamins A, D, K2. It is produced without heat and by old fashioned methods. It is superior to Krill.

    So why is everyone pushing krill? Krill, salmon, other crustaceans contain Astaxanthin, a newly discovered carotenoid antioxidant 550 times more powerful than Vitamin E and second only to Vitamin D. It is what gives salmon, krill and even flamingos their pink color. These creatures get Astaxanthin from eating green algae. The algae produces it when their water supply dries up. This antioxidant creates a kind of force field to protect the plant from the intense sunlight.

    By far, the green algae Haematococcus pluvialis provides the most concentrated natural source of astaxanthin. It is best to ALWAYS take supplements in whole food form just as our Creator created them. He balanced everything.

    I do not sell anything, but I have studied and along with healthy, pure foods my family does use a few whole food supplements. Fermented Cod Liver Oil – cinnamon flavor is at the top of the list. For Astaxathin, we are looking for the purest whole food source. Radiant Life sells quality products, including BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin. It is in a gel cap, so I have a call in to them to be sure the gelatin is from beef. The link to this product is

    So, I would encourage anyone who wants to be healthy or heal health issues to eat whole, organic biblical foods and supplement with the same mindset.


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