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Folding on Shabbos

What are the halachos of folding things on Shabbos? Everyone knows not to fold their tallis on the crease, but what about paper?
What other practical halachos do people need to keep in mind in this regard?


Shulchan Aruuch (302:3) writes that one should not fold the tallis on its creases, unless three conditions are met (the tallis is required for later on Shabbos; the tallis is new, and has not yet been washed; the tallis is white). He adds that (according to some) it is permitted to fold the tallis if the fold is not on the creases.

Some write that one should not make objections to those who fold a tallis along the creases, because our folding is different to that of Chazal. The folding of Chazal was some kind of tikkun in the garment, whereas our folding does not achieve any tikkun (see Birchei Yosef).

However, the common custom is to be particular concerning folding along creases. Yet,  this applies only to clothing and garments, for which there is a tikkun of washing and folding, and not to paper, which is permitted to fold (see Rivevos Efraim 1:223).

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