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Beards in Judaism

In islam, to have beard is sunnah. what about that in your religion? that practice is sunnah too?


In Judaism, there is no obligation to grow a beard, not even on a sunnah (custom, habit) level. However, there is a prohibition of shaving the facial area with a blade, which is probably why it has become ordinary practice for many Orthodox Jews to grow beards. Others, however, shave with electric shavers (there is dispute over which, if any, are permitted), and some use creams to remove facial hairs.

According to kabbalah (the mystical side of Judaism), many understand that one should not trim one’s beard at all, and there are some who follow this practice and consider it obligatory. Yet, even some great kabbalists (such as Ramchal, according to historical reports) did shave.

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  1. I am Sephardic and have grown a full beard since my mother died. I am also considering becomimng a Rabbi. Is being 49 to old.

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