My question is a) what is a Sefer, b) what is the Sfas Emes and c) who/what is Seferis?

Many thanks in advance for your attention!


A sefer is a book, though in the connection of Jewish texts it usually refers to a book of Torah writings, which has a certain sanctity.

Sefas Emes is the name of the book of Rabbi Yehudah Arieh Leib Alter (1847-1905), the former Grand Rabbi of the Gur Hassidut (after his passing, his son took over the leadership of the Hassidut, followed by three of his grandsons, and currently by a great-grandson).

It is a renowned and much studied commentary on the Torah, which is based mainly on kabbalah (esoteric).

Seferis: Don’t know the word, and it has perhaps been misspelled.

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