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Kashering Kitchen

I am kashering my kitchen and I have a few questions.
first of all, I already kashered one pot but have not brought it to a mikveh yet, can this pot be used to kasher other pots and utensils? If certinan keilim cannot fit into this pot, how else can I kasher them?
What do I do for plastic and glass?
For the hagala process, does this water need to be boiing the entire time?
Can I just boil a cup of water in the microwave?
what do I do for the toaster oven? kettle? dishwasher?
How do I burn the oven?
How do I do the countertops and sink? Do i pour water from a kettle on top?
I would really appreciate all the help and step by step instructions.
Thank you.

1. You can use the pot to kasher other utensils.

2. If they don’t fit, you can use a larger pot. Any pot will do, provided it has not been used for in the past 24 hrs. Also, make sure that the pot you are kashering has not been used for at least 24 hrs. Alternatively, add some bleach or similar substance to the water, so that its taste will be ruined.

3. Plastic and glass cannot be kashered in the manner above. For glass, the Sephardic custom is that is does not require hag’alah, but Ashkenazim are stringent. It also depends on what the utensils were used for.

4. The water needs to be boiling (bubbling) while the utensil is immersed. It should be immersed for several seconds.

5. For a microwave, some permit this. Clean well, wait 24 hrs after last use, and boil cup of water for a significant time (15 min.).

6. Kettle will not usually require kashering. For the dishwasher, you can take out the removable parts and perform hag’alah as above. For the rest, perform a cycle at maximum heat. Do not use for 24 hrs before this. For toaster over, removable parts require libbun (kashering by means of placing in fire until red hot). Oven itself can be turned on at maximal heat for 2 hrs. Remains bedieved. Ensure that it is entirely clean before (difficult to clean in all the nooks; should unscrew door).

7. Sink. Clean well. Do not use for 24 hrs (with hot water). Pour boiling water directly from kettle onto all parts of the sink.

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