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Surfing Kippah

This might seem like a stupid question, but what am I supposed to do about wearing a kippah when I go surfing (the waves, not the internet!). I always wear a kippah but have only been doing so for a year, and haven’t gone surfing since then, so this issue’s only confronted me now!


A kippah is part of a Jew’s clothing. Just like you don’t wear other clothing when you are surfing, so you don’t have to wear a kippah. If you would, it would be likely to either get lost, or get ruined. Leave it with your other clothes, and put it back on when you finish surfing.

Enjoy the surf, and chag same’ach!

Sources: Concerning the general obligatation to wear a kippah, please see here:

The obligation/custom would not apply while surfing, just as the kippah is taken off while swimming, or while taking a shower.

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