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Healing in Lourdes

Days ago, listening to the morning’s news , I heard of yet healing in Lourdes, supported by so-called “medical evidence”.
From that day on, I started playing in my mind hypothesis.
I state that I am firmly convinced of the senselessness of miracles and I do not believe them absolutely.
I tried to find a scientific approach to things…
Do you remember the movie “Cocoon” was released in theaters a few years ago?
It is about some alien cocoons, which for some reason ended up in a pool frequented by old men, and after the immersion found again a lost youth …
What I ask you, good for giving the “medical evidence” and not believing in the miraculous, if a Yeudì want to go diving in the waters of Lourdes to test a cure?
If those waters there was something chemical or phiycal, at this moment unknow, that allows for a physical healing, a jew could make us do this dive without Avodà Zara?
Best regards Efraim


It is possible that waters have a natural manner of healiing, such as was found in Tea Tree oil, whose leaves fell into pools, giving the water natural healing powers. It is permitted to try this out, and this would not fall under the prohibition of sorcery or witchcraft.

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  1. I’m concerned that this ruling may lead to confusion.
    Lourdes is a Chritian pilgrimage site which attributes its healing powers to the holiness of its blessed waters.

    1. Thank you for pointing this out (I was not familiar). If the site is a Christian pilgrimage site, which lays claim to holiness, it would be forbidden for Jews to attend. The personal view of the Jew does not permit him to try things that are known and associated with Christianity.

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