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Jewish Wedding

How’s the ancient Jewish Wedding Ceremony performed


The most basic thing about the Jewish wedding ceremony is that the groom gives the bride an item of worth (by tradition, a ring, but other items are also valid), telling her that he is giving her the item in order to wed her according to the Law of Moses and Israel. She must accept the item, and express her consent. This must be done in front of two witnesses who are valid according to Torah law.

The above is the basic core of the wedding ceremony. There are, however, many customs that have been added over the years.

For an in-depth look at the Jewish wedding, see the following links:

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  1. There are 3 steps:
    Shiduchin- it is what we call an engagement nowdays. the couple changes their status from single to married. You can break up the shiduchin if needed as long as both sides agree. The point of it is in order not to rush into the wedding and be able to prepare your hous.
    Eirusin/Kidushin- The women iis sanctifid in 3 ways: Money- the man says to the women “הרי את מקודשת לי בכסף זו” Man must give the women something worth more than a פרוטה. He needs 2 appropriate witnesses and only the woman can be sactified.
    Document- a paper with the womans name on it in frnt of witnesses.
    ביאה (sex)- he must say “הרי את מקודשת לי בביאה זו” Two witnesses must see them going into a private room.
    (nowadays it is a bit different)

    1. Shidduchim don’t change status to “married”. It’s only a formal agreement to get married at a later date.
      The document for forming a kiddushin must bear more than the woman’s name. It is not customary to use today.
      The Sages forbid getting married by means of bi’ah.

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